Bainbridge Island Family Photography seeks to capture your family in an authentic and relaxed way. We shoot in an editorial fashion, providing just enough direction to capture your natural disposition. The goal is to provide you with images that will transport you back to those beautiful moments with the people you love.

The Story

Founded by Tiffany Bri in 2022, Bainbridge Island Family Photography is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. 

In 2016 Tiffany took a leap of faith and moved to NYC with her husband to pursue a career in Editorial Photography. She went on to be published as an Editorial Event Photographer in Vogue, WWD, Elle, TheCut, Glamour, Cultured Mag and more. She also had the honor of working under some of the best Wedding Photographers in the world while on the Christian Oth team. It was a wild ride and a dream come true. 

But, her dreams didn't stop there. Tiffany and her husband moved back to their homeland (the PNW) and began a brand new adventure - welcoming a baby boy in January 2020. 

In all these experiences Tiffany had a clear realization that her greatest joy in photography didn't come from an impressive subject or glamorous venue. It came from capturing a human being in their element and showing them their true beauty. Not in a posed manner. But, in the beautiful transitional moments. A glance. A laugh. A gesture. 

Bainbridge Island Family Photography is the fulfillment of a dream that Tiffany can offer her services to people who are looking to capture those authentic moments as well.

Being a Mom herself has taught Tiffany that time moves fast, they're not little for very long, our loved ones come and go - But, a photo, can last generations. 

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